Howto Eliminate Windows-7 From The Dual Boot Computer Operating Windows XP

The process below describes the event the place where a computer is owning a combined operating system , Windows XP and Windows-7. It is the scenario where Windows XP was fitted originally using one partition, and Windows-7 later installed on a single hard disk drive but distinct partition.

To be able to remove Windows 7, you must first back up your data that you want to retain. By opening it from your disk management utility subsequently, eliminate the Windows 7 partition.

It doesn’t imply you are done-with the entire approach. To show you that, restart the pc although booting you’ll be offered a summary of the identical two choices you had before removing the Windows-7 OS.

The difference that is sole now’s, you will not gain access to an operating system once you choose the Windows 7 alternative. The computer will display errors, or a mistake information like, OS is absent.

Right delete it and click to the Windows 7 partition. Now, you end up with Windows XP whilst the only OS installed about the hard drive, with all the second partition without any data.

To resolve this issue, you ought to delete the Windows-7 record in the shoe listing, and that I will show you HOWTO do-it in very simple steps:

1-Access the Administrative Tools

2-Access the System Configuration

3-Press the Shoe Case

4-Select the Windows 7 selection

5-Delete it.

That is it, you’re accomplished completing the process. Take note that, both Windows OS’s XP and 7 need to be on separate partitions on the same hard disk. As well as that, Get XP ought to be installed first.

Simply speaking, the aforementioned is one situation of many, and I am suggesting it, because I’ve tried it. Additional conditions and controls my work but used to don’t attempt them; moreover, you can’t predict the behaviour of every pc when taking into consideration the applications, mounted later on it since every one is unique.

To get the precise orders PDF guide free that you could follow, look at the website below and check the page that may consider one to a study; after you answer the three basic answers about why you will need the guide, you’ll be taken towards the site that shows the guide. You’re able to sometimes produce it or save it.

There’s a vital comment to include, in case you had Windows 7 installed first and after that Windows XP was mounted, eliminating Windows-7 will give your system inoperable. Should after installing Windows 7 you try and remove Windows XP precisely the same issue applies. The old version should Windows that’s installed first should never be removed, since the program won’t machine.


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